Building Spirit

Nurturing the Spirit of a Building

If you are responsible for a building, perhaps your own home, or a commercial building, or maybe a place of worship, how do you approach its development and maintenance, so that it serves you well? Do you consider nurturing the building’s ‘soul’, by connecting with its guardian spirit? It can tell you what it needs, to serve its occupants best.

How do I know this? I have experienced it. As an architect, I connect with the guardian spirits of buildings. They become clear when I spend quiet times there, for example when measuring up in advance of preparing appropriate design solutions, which also just seem to ‘appear’.

When inspecting during building works, I have so often been directed straight to construction defects, by quietly ‘following my feet’, and by being shown where to look very, with what a builder once described as ‘X-Ray eyes’. Three examples are: 

  • Foundations shuttering on a large site that was wrongly laid out and concrete was being poured. No-one on the site seemed to realise. Work had to be stopped until the shuttering was corrected.
  • A piece of flaking paint on an architrave that was the only superficial evidence of a hidden dry rot outbreak.
  • A sense of when defects have been covered up and on instructing a (protesting) contractor to open up a wall, found cavity insulation not installed.

I am also quickly shown solutions to problems found. 

It is important not just to look at a building with the eyes and the mind, but to have a dialogue with the building’s ‘inner’. It will reveal a lot! It is always delighted to have that conversation. I am simply a catalyst in bringing the spirit energy into physical reality.

Indeed, when I come across a building that is well looked after, it is great it see. I detect the special atmosphere and gratitude there.

Nurturing the spirit of a building makes it a special place. It is constant, not occasional. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ was never more true when it comes to maintenance also. 

In summary, does your building and its guardian spirit rejoice when you enter it? Or does it strain to try to connect with you, to inspire you with what it needs? What would you like it to be? I recommend that you make your building happy, and in turn it will reward you many-fold, and help fulfil the human needs of all those who use it. I would be delighted to help you with this. To arrange a visit, please telephone me on 07717 472072, or use the contact page.

Harman Scott