Like a made-to-measure suit!

A custom-designed building should meet your needs like a made-to-measure suit, using the best of material you can afford, which will still ‘suit’ you for decades to come.

It should reflect your personality and heritage, make you look good in it, and be capable of adapting to meet your ‘expanding’ or ‘downsizing’ needs in the future, without alteration!

A good architect will encourage you to look well into the future, and, using his or her foresight and ability to visualise, design for that long-term future, not just short-term for today.

Good design is the process of bringing the ‘ephemeral’ into the ‘material’. One could say it is ‘realising a dream’. It is the best, and most sustainable, approach.

Contact Harman Scott to discuss your dream of an idea, or project: personal, commercial or community. The direct contact number is 07717 472062.

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